These Smartphone & PC Apps Passively Earn You Money — SO EASY!

Brittney Walker
5 min readJun 4, 2021

In the age of Facebook and Google, the average consumer has no idea how much money is being made off of their user data. For example, if Facebook knows you have a dog, they can then sell ad space on your app to a company that caters to people with dogs.

This is just one example of companies profiting off their users’ data, but when you really look it’s happening all the time, everywhere. How is it fair for these big companies to profit off our data without giving us a cut?

That’s the problem these apps are solving: they actually pay their users for their data. This data can include survey answers, approximate location, gender, political stance, etc. It is important to note that the data being sold is always used in a safe way that protects the individuals.

If this kind of easy, passive income sounds good to you, I’ve included below a list of my favorite apps and extensions along with a description of each.

For Smartphones:

BIGtoken (use referral code BRITT when you sign up!)

BIGtoken is my personal favorite data earning app as it has so many different ways to earn and participate. There are short question polls that you earn points for answering, daily ‘team’ questions which earn the entire team points if everyone answers, and passive options such as linking your credit or debit card and allowing location permissions. Once you’ve earned enough to withdraw, you can get paid every Friday!


Killi is another great opportunity. Similarly to BIGtoken, Killi offers payment for referrals, profile rewards, short surveys/polls, sharing your location data, and sharing which apps you have on your device. Once you’ve accrued enough points to withdraw, you’ll have the option to withdraw to your BTC or ETH wallet as well as a plethora of available gift cards.

App Optix

App Optix is as simple as can be when it comes to making money: install the app with the requested permissions, and leave the app installed. For every week you have the app installed, you receive points toward a gift card of your choice.

Mobile Performance Meter

Mobile Performance Meter (Embee Pay) is similar to App Optix in that it is almost 100% passive. You install the app and keep it installed on your phone and it does the rest of the hard work; you just sit back and reap the benefits. Embee Pay also offers occasional optional surveys and a referral rewards system, all of which can be redeemed to a gift card of your choice.

Panel App

Panel App pays users to keep the app installed and allow them to look at your location data. There are also opportunities for surveys and referral bonuses. Panel App is definitely the slowest mobile earner on this list, but since you can have all installed simultaneously, it’s really no trouble to keep this one installed too. Users can redeem their points into either sweepstakes entries for high ticket prizes or to guaranteed gift cards.


Telephia pays $1 per week you have the app open in the background, which is one of the better rates I’ve seen thus far. I’ve earned and cashed out $26 so far, and am still going strong. It’s slightly less passive than the others because you need to ensure that the app is open in the background for it to run. Users can cash out to Paypal as the only option currently.

For PC:

Savvy Connect

Savvy Connect, a program within the Survey Savvy site, is my easiest earner. Simply install the chrome extension/app on your computer and/or device to earn $5 per month per device on which you are active at least 7 days of actual usage per month. Users can cash out via check or direct deposit.


Swash is a browser extension that automatically earns users DATA crypto for browsing the web as usual and referring friends. Users can withdraw their earnings using xDai chain or Ethereum mainnet.


Ozone is a browser extension which collects and shares some of your data with advertisers, giving you a 70% share of the profits PLUS referral earnings and paid surveys.


Permission is another browser extension that pays users in ASK altcoin, which can be withdrawn to your crypto wallet, for allowing them to sell your advertising data.


Upvoice is a browser extension & Windows 10 program which collects users’ data on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Amazon without using an ad-blocker.

Did you find any of these recommendations useful? What do you plan on earning for?

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