How You Can Get 50% Crypto-Back on Future eBay Purchases + $200 Bonus for Joining

While there are many apps offering crypto back on purchases, not many offer rates from 50% back up to 100% back. SocialGood is a cryptocurrency with its own cash(crypto)back app that allows users to receive up to 100% back on their purchases in SG.

I used their crypto back app when I purchased my new iPhone, and was able to get $500 back. I have since withdrawn to my wallet and cashed out and can confirm that this opportunity is 100% legitimate.

My personal favorite deal is their eBay offer: purchase anything (must not be in your watch list — if you want to purchase something on your watch list add it to cart and remove from watch list) through their in-app browser and receive 50% of the purchase price back in SG. With the huge variety of items for sale on eBay, this is the most widely-used offer on their site.

They also feature rebate offers on several other stores: Best Buy,, Walmart, and DHgate.

Sign up with code FFWDJV to receive an extra $200 in SG when you spend $30 through the app.

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Sharing knowledge and perspective, one story at a time.

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Brittney Walker

Brittney Walker

Sharing knowledge and perspective, one story at a time.

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