Earn Crypto (BTC & Altcoins) With These 5 Chrome Browser Extensions

In the crypto world, there are endless opportunities for potential earners. From faucets to bounties to content writing to mining and more — there’s something for everyone. Among the easiest income opportunities in the crypto world are chrome extensions. With the potential to be completely passive through advertising and data sharing, these extensions allow broke crypto enthusiasts to gain assets without any investment or risk.

The following extensions are among the best paying earners of the category and have been proven to pay:

  • Permission: Earn ASK coin
    Permission (https://my.permission.io/signUp?referralCode=QD1M1P) passively rewards users with their native ASK coins for allowing Permission to share their anonymized data with advertisers. When you sign up, you will be presented with paid offers such as watching videos, ASKback from shopping, ad engagement, referrals, and more.
  • adsbitcoin: Earn Bitcoin
    adsbitcoin (https://adsbitcoin.io/?ref=34770) pays users in BTC satoshi for viewing their advertisers’ websites and videos for a set amount of time as well as a referral bonus of 25% of referrals’ earnings.
  • Swash: Earn DATA coin
    Swash (https://swashapp.io/referral/8515) passively earns users DATA coin for their data from browsing the web.
  • Surfe.be: Earn Bitcoin
    Surfe be (https://surfe.be/ext/736749) pays for the ability to show small ads at the bottom of the browser window and also offers a system similar to adsbitcoin’s in that users can also choose to view their advertisers’ site / video / content for a set amount of time to earn extra BTC.
  • trafficly: Earn Bitcoin
    Trafficly (https://trafficly.io/?ref=113146) is another extension similar to adsbitcoin and surfe.be: it gives users a list of paid per view websites and videos and pays for each successful view.

Do you use any of these programs? Which is your favorite? Do you use any similar programs not on this list?

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Sharing knowledge and perspective, one story at a time.

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Brittney Walker

Brittney Walker

Sharing knowledge and perspective, one story at a time.

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