Cosmo enjoying his vacation at Basin Harbor, Vermont {DOG PICS}

Cosmo, the 8 year old labradoodle, sits on the dock in front of a lake, with mountains in the far background, at Basin Harbor Inn, VT.

I was Basin Harbor with my family attending my cousin’s wedding, and Cosmo got to come because the inn is pet friendly and Cos loves car rides and vacations. The 9 hour drive up from Virginia was boring but Cosmo did great: he slept for most of the ride and did his business when we took him out at rest stops. We arrived at our cottage around 10pm, so Cosmo settled right in and we all got ready to go to sleep.

Cosmo, the traitor, chose to sleep in my dad’s room as opposed to mine. The funny part of this? My dad isn’t even his human. He lives with me at my mom and step-dad’s.

The next day, Cosmo’s cousin Mosby arrived with his humans (my sister and brother-in-law). Mosby was Cosmo’s first friend and funny enough, they were born within days of each-other. Cosmo’s the oldest born November 28, and Mosby was born December 1. Mosby has always been a lil gay for Cosmo and sure enough, first thing he did when he arrived was mount my poor boy. Cosmo, however, has been learning to stand up for himself just a little bit, and told Mosby in no uncertain terms that he was having none of that. Mosby, the little shit, didn’t seem to care.

Unfortunately, the dogs weren’t allowed to be at the wedding or reception, so we had to leave them in the cottage for the big event. Afterward, we took the dogs on a long walk to the harbor’s ‘beach’, which is where this picture was taken.

The wedding was lovely and it was great seeing my extended family again after more than two years, but when the weekend was over we were all ready to get home.

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Sharing knowledge and perspective, one story at a time.

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Brittney Walker

Brittney Walker

Sharing knowledge and perspective, one story at a time.

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